These booking conditions and hints rule the legal relationship between you and us.

They apply in addition to those described in § 661 et seq of the Civil Code and are based on the recommendation of the DRV (German Travel Agency Association) created in accordance with § 8 GWD. You should know exactly when choosing your trip, what you can expect from us and what we need to ask you already.Therefore please read the following terms and conditions with care! These terms and conditions shall be accepted by you at time of booking.


1. Registration and Confirmation

You can registrate by writing, per fax, or per email. With your registration you tell us to conclude a binding travel contract. It is carried out by you and for all in the notification listed participants for their contractual obligations as you vouch for your own obligations. The contract comes with the acceptance by us. You will receive a written confirmation. If the content is different than your application, we will make a new offer, which we will be bound to for the following 10 days. The contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer, if you accept it and tell us within these 10 days (Also through a deposit). Otherwise no travel contract exists between you and us.


2. Travel programm and travel price

The appropriations entered in the special brochure and on our website for travel content and prices may deviate slightly from the annual catalog. The prices and content in the special brochure and on our website are decisiveThe included services in the tour price are always given in the text part of the brochure. Realizable special requests can be made for an additional charge. After conclusion of the contract with you (s. Paragraph 1) we reserve the right about necessary changes, if there are more than 4 months between the coclusion of the contract and the travel. If price changes exceed 5%, you are entitled to withdraw from the travel contract within 10 days without penalty. Prices are per person, but are based on acceptance, that two persons are traveling together (double room). Unaccompanied travelers pay a more appropriate price, which is understandable as single room surcharge. The costs for ancillary services for procurement of a Visa such as for reservations and inquiries, will be charged to the customer and are billed separately.


3. Hotel

We carefully check our partner hotels. The information contained in our brochures have been made to the best knowledge. They do not include or intend classifications. Nevertheless, if hotel categories or classifications are indicated, they refer to local standards. For differences that arise from our brochure description and the ideas of the client, we can only be held liable if one of the principles of liability listed below is present.


4. Payment

In conclusion of the contract please pay the amount indicated on the confirmation (20%) but at a minimum € 75,- per registered person. The balance has to be payed with receiving the final bill or latest 4 weeks before departure. For last minute bookings, within 4 weeks before departure, the entire amount is due immediately. Processing, cancellation and rebooking fees are also due immediately.

4.1 Payment of starting cards and insurance service

Please note that the prices for starting cards and insurances have to be payed with deposit and cannot be cancelled or exchanged.


5. Performance modifications

To expand and improve our range, it is sometimes necessary to take hotels in the program, which had not be completed at the time the brochure wa printed or not yet put into operation. Increasing numbrs of guests, particularly in popular holiday areas in general, lead to the construction of new hotels or to modernize exististing hotels. For these reasons, deviations of individual travel services from the travel contract, which are brought after the conclusion necessary and not in bad faith, permitted deviations are not substantial and do not affect the overall character of the booked trip. Possible warranty claims remain unaffected insofar as the amended services are flawed. If it is possible for us and such changes are not minor, we will notify you of such actions immidiately.


6. Resignation of the customer, rebooking, substitute participant 

6.1. Resignation

If you withdraw from the contract or if you fail to travel, so is up to us to demand a reasonable compensation for the travel arrangements made by us and for our expenses. We can estimate our claim at a flat rate for compensation in accordance with the following table (figures per person):


I. Vacation Packages

  • Until 91 days before departure 40% of the travel price
  • 90-61 days before departure 50% of the travel price
  • 60-31 days before departure 70% of the travel price
  • 30-5 days before departure 80% of the travel price
  • 4 days - departure day 90% of the travel price

The costs will be less if the customer can prove this.

A cancellation must alway be made in writing.


II. Tickets / Entry fees

Tickets for sport events can only be refund in case of cancellation, when resale is possible. Entry fees are usually personal and not refundable (mediated third party services). The aforementioned sentences arising on our part from concluded long term fixed contracts with other service providers. 

III. Flights

When booking daily updated flights, special cancellation cost from the airline may apply.

We draw your attention to it when booking.

6.2 Rebooking

At your request after booking the trip until 75 days before departure, for a date, which is within the period of validity of the travel advertisement, the date of travel, the destination, the city of departure, the hotel, the accomodation, the transportation method or the documents can be changed. We will take a processing fee of € 75,- per person. Rebookings after the deadline will be charged as cacellation followed by a new registration.

6.3. Cancellation, rebooking and change statements

Should be made in writing in your own interest and for reasons of evidence in any case.


7. Undrawn services

If you do not take individual travel services due to premature return or for other important reasons in claim, we will strive for the service providers for reimbursement of expenses saved. This commitment is dropped, if it is completely significant benefits or if a refund statutory, collectively agreed or official regulations oppose. In your interest we also recommend to already let the provider or tour guide write out a suitable certificate for you.


8. Cancellation and termination by the tour operator

We can cancel the contract before departure or after departure in the following cases:

a) without compliance of a deadline, if the participant interferes the trip with execution despite a warning by the tour operator sustainable or if it violates the contract to such an extent, that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified. If we cancel the contract, we will claim the travel price, and charge for the value of the expenses saved and the benefits, which we obtain from a different use of unused services including the service providers applied by us.

b) Until four weeks before departure when not reaching the number of participants, if a minimum number of participants is pointed in our bid for the corresponding trip. The resignation shall be forwarded to you and you will receive back the already payed travel price.

c) to 4 weeks prior to departure, if the obligation to carry out the trip would after all possibilities mean for us the upper shortfall of economic sacrifice limit, based on this trip, unless that we are responsible for the circumstances leading. You will receive the paid tour price back immediately. In addition, you will get your reservation expenses refunded for € 15 if you do not use a replacement offer.


9. Warranty

9.1 Obligations of the Traveler

Each traveler is required under the statutory provisionsEach traveler is required under the statutory provisions, to do everything reasonable for him at any disruptions to services, to contribute to remedying the disruption and to keep any damage incurred as low as possible or to avoid them altogether. Therefore you are obliged in particular, to share your complaints immediately. if you don't come at fault for these obligations, so the claims will not be for you in so far.

9.2 remedy

If the trip is not stipulated in the contract, you can ask for remedy. Therefore, contact you initially to the power transmitter or its local representative; possibly to our tour guide. If they are not reachable please get in contact with us. You can reach us by phone: 0251/13326-0. Please name your booking number, travel dates and your phone number. We are entitled to create in the wise remedy that we provide an equal or higher value replacement performance. We may refuse the remedy, even if it requires a disproportionate effort.

10. Liability of the tour operator

10.1 We are liable under the due diligence of a prudent businessman for conscientious travel preparation

1. the careful selection and monitoring of service providers

2. the accuracy of the terms of reference, but not not published brochures for information in local, hotel or other by us, which are delivered at times of our booking offices or your travel documents are attached

3. an orderly provision of services taking account of local customs and the applicable regulations of the target country and place. Therefore, it is e.g. also possible that can not be heated to the temperatures shown in the catalog due to regulatory arrangement swimming pools, sports facilities etc..

10.2 agents
We shall be liable for any fault of persons entrusted with the performance of people: our liability is here Paragraph 11, however limited.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1 Contractual Limitation of Liability

Our liability is limited to three times the travel price (Except personal injuries), 1. if the damage of the traveler was neither intentional nor gross negligence by us, or 2. as far as we are responsible for damages incurred by the traveler solely through the fault of a service provider.

11.2 Liability for holiday activities

Participation in sports and other holiday activities, you have to be responsible yourself.

Sports facilities, equipment and vehicles you should check before claiming. We shall be liable for any accidents in the context of section 11.1. only if we are at fault.

11.3. Liability for third-party services

We are not liable for impairment of performance in connection with services which are merely arranged as external services from us, for example(sports events, theater visits, exhibitions, excursions, car hire, etc.) and those, which are explicitly labeled in the tour description as external services.

11.4. Legal liability limitations 

A claim for damages against us is restricted to the extent whose liability is also limited by law, to be applied to the carrier by a performance deliverables. As far as we are the contracting carrier, the liability is governed by the relevant provisions of the Aviation Act in conjunction with the international agreements of Warsaw, The Hague, Guadalajara, Montreal Agreement and others. The Warsaw Convention limits i.s.t. the liability of carriers in respect of death or bodily injury, loss or damage to baggage. The specified therein liability limits and restrictions apply to promotions that are not subject to the agreements mentioned.


12. Exclusion of claims and limitation

Your any claims you need to sign in accordance with § 651 BGB within one month after the contractual end of the journey with us. The application should be submitted in writing in your own interest. After the deadline you can only assert claims if you have been prevented through no fault of meeting the deadline. Your claims for non-contractual provision of travel expire after 12 months. The limitation period begins on the day on which the journey should end according to the contract.


13. Passport, visa, foreign currency, customs and health regulations

You are responsible for compliance with the passport, visa, foreign currency, customs and health regulations. All disadvantages arising from non-compliance with these requirements, at your expense, even if these regulations are changed after booking. If this is still possible for us, we will inform you of important changes of the reproduced in the travel general regulations before traveling.


14. Insurances 

14.1. For your safety we recommend the timly conclusion of a travel insurance.

The "total protection" of travel insurance includes a luggage, travel accident and a travel health. This insurance packet applies world wide and for a travel time up to 41 days. This and other single-trip insurance you can take out according to individual requirements. 

14.2. We also recommend theconclusion of a travel cancellation insurance when booking the trip. The premiums are staggered depending on the travel price. On your wish we will send you brochures with tariffs and rewards. In the insurance case the insured is obliged to notify the insurance company immediately.


15. Others

15.1. All personal data, which you have given to us in order to book the trip are protected against improper use in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

15.2. Verbal agreements are usually subsequently no longer provable. For this reason, we can only recognize verbal agreements, if they have been confirmed by us in writing.

15.3. Furthermore it is poined ou, that every participant will be responsible for their own luggage at the airport (baggage carousel, transport) and at the transfers (busses, cabs, etc.) We will help through our tour guides but in the end there is too many people so that everyone has too look for their luggage themselves.

15.4. As for all sporting events, we are not liable for accidents and damages of any kind, not even at the transfers to these events.


16. jurisdiction

Any dispute between you and us shall be deemed jurisdiction Münster. Your ability to levy lawsuit against us as tour operators at any other established jurisdiction, remains unaffected.


17. Operator
Grosse-Coosmann Sportreisen GmbH
Dettenstraße 8
48147 Münster

Tel: 0251 / 13326-0
Fax 0251 / 13326-10


18. Addition to the general terms and conditions

In accordance with § 651k BGB we provide all travel price payments, which amount to more than 10% of the total price, with a trust letter or a guarantee. Insurance benefits (travel cancellation insurance, etc.) such as entry fees remain the exception and must be paid 100% in advance.


Status: September 2012